You Are Who You Hang Out With...

I have always gotten along with all types of people since I am pretty tolerant and open minded.  But for the most part I have usually befriended those with similar interests and beliefs up until the past year.  I started to desire different experiences and viewpoints and have sought out friendships on line with people totally different from me. 

What I have recently realized is that I've outgrown my circle of friends who I've been socializing with weekly for the past 5 years.  I am bored in their company.  I'm no longer interested in petty gossip, or what recipes they have tried or which stores are having good sales.  I'd rather talk about politics, psychology or current events.  I am not an intellect, but I just want to learn, to see what other people think and feel outside my cozy little cocoon in the middle of nowhere.



want2Bhappy want2Bhappy 46-50, F 2 Responses Nov 27, 2008

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yes we should all try thinking out if the box, then maybe we can get rid of the box.

It's fun to have people around that you have a lot in common with, but it's also great to have those that are different. I think everyone needs a combination of both. It's great that you want to learn and think outside the box.