if there is someone wth six finger,or three legs, can message me
idunnowhttodo idunnowhttodo
26-30, F
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10 fingers and 2 legs is what I have.

Oh I have three legs alright ;)

Every man has a third leg. Be careful they might think you want something sexual. And by they I mean pervs. Sorry for wasting your precious time mam.

my time is not precious babe

You'll notice it is someday.

lol... why do you want to meet them? may I ask?

why dont ı want?

if you don't want to say why.. its okay I cannt force you :)

It may reflects of my naughty mind.. :P but at the moment I read the status, the thought came into my mind, okay I have seen people with 6 fingers but not any with 3 legs and also if it really exists and the naughty part is if people exists in reality with some other sophisticated part with unusual number :P

sophisticated part with unusual number:D that make me laugh

I really wondering right now if it exist in the real world :/

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