Oh My Yes !

 Being from a small community, growing up with a very sheltered childhood.....I kind of broke out when I got grown up.

 I met all sorts of people in my life's experiences, and you look close enough you see good in everyone.

 Well, mind you... I doubt I'd ever see anything good in someone who tortures another, in any kind of way.  

 Did you know, words can hurt as much as a hot poker to bare skin?   And it's meant to too.    When said over and over again, some can start to believe it !    

 I digress......... 

 What I wanted to say was...... if you truly look past a persons rough edges, you may find a perfect stone.   Unless of course you  put out to hurt and hater in the first place.  



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Yes that can happen! My husband's circle is insane. Although he'll add anyone and everyone who adds him. He don't care. :P (in his words)

It's so hard to keep a small circle. There are so many wonderful people here. :)

I thought so too. It's something I have to remember. Especially with personality clashes. Sometimes I dislike someone for no reason! Once I get to know them I find good reasons to like them, but I also may find out why I didn't like them at first. hahaha!!!

If people who held grudges and such could apply that suggestion, I think the world would be a better place.

It's amazing how differences can be brushed aside once you dig deeper. The more you get to know someone the more similar they are to you. :)

If you can't get along then you just don't know someone well enough.

I heard this on Sunday. Reworded slightly.

"If you are having trouble with someone list ten positive things about them or 10 things you like about them. If you can't think of 10 things you don't know that person well enough. If you can list ten positive things, focus on those things and let love cover over the rest."