Aint That the Point

  Honestly, I strive to make friends who are different. Nothing like a little change in your life.

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5 Responses Mar 9, 2009 well i was talking about different races. But yeah the husband thing can get irksome. I had a "friend" who..she didn't date the boy..but they were "lovers and friends" and the friends part was optional. She would complain about him EVERYDAY. I mean-they'd fuss, fight, etc-but at the end of the day-who she wth? Stuff like that DO make me just wanna ignore her (which I did-and we no longer talk-for other reasons) But yes-it get's REALLY oLD. bUT.. All I can say is-we're all grown you can't force anybody to do what you want 'em to do. You can either help 'em through it, or get sick of it and drop

I don't look down on people, and am able to smile at the snarly looking people they need it the most. The problem is who wants to be friends with someone that has an alcoholic for a husband. If you get annoyed hearing about how upset she is, you just want nothing to do with her after a while because it's stressful or you end up pushing her away with comments like, why did you marry him, and why are you talking to him. Like your a fool for caring about the guy. I know I've got one, and it's just shameful when you think things are getting better and you get a reality check MONTHS LATER because he's trying to get sober and can't seem to do it.

i agree. being friends with only those who share your opinions and outlooks won't allow u to see the other, possibly more logical or reasonable, side of things.

exactly! why would you wanna be constantly surrounded with people who are EXACTLY like you or like you so much that .. it's like you're surrounded by yourself. it's good every once and a while to talk to somebody who comes from different tracks than you do!

You know, I've never even thought about it. And then I came across this group, I stopped to think and arrived at the conclusion that No, I can understand how people can be totally different but I don't see them becoming friends with me. At least being friends as I knew back then.<br />
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It is thanks to this site that I learned I actually can be friends with people who are totally different from me. Now that I'm learning, I think I agree with you. It IS the point of making friends.