Friendship is a magic word that start with a spark , it is easy to make friends .....ask why see ....there are two types of people : the first type is the type that build a wall around themselves to protect themselves , so when they meet someone  , they hide behind that wall till they assured then ...start to remove this wall bit by bit ......the other type no walls ...their  instincts are ready to collect friends any time but they start building the wall against someone when they are thretened or injured or insulted , till sometimes they close the wall to the end . So in order to make friends ...just keep the wall low in order to give chance to people to like you ......Loving people should be part of your nature ......Friendship is precious ...Gard it with your heart ...there are some wonderfull people in this world . It is easy to make friends but it is extreemly hard to keep them around .....So which type of people are you ?????

lilianne lilianne
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2 Responses Jun 11, 2009

Howdy! I really like what you said. I've done that too. It's hard to put your walls down when you've been hurt so much in life. But I'm starting to work on myself. With help I know I'll be able to do it. I want to keep them around. I'm very loyal friend.

Interesting Itried to make some friends who are opposite of me ,no luck. I thought they read my exp. list and got scared

I haven't read it. But would like to get to know you. I'm a new member. Hoping to meet some people and maybe a few friendships.