Your Reminding Me of Me

Hi!  My name is Zoigirl (30)!  Thank you all for sharing a piece of yourselves.  I really like listening to your stories and reading your experiences.  Getting to know you all is a good experience for me.  I use to have more confidence  in my self.   I was very energetic, too.   I use to love to make people laugh.  I use to love doing things that I enjoyed.  But that all went away after I was raped.  I use to like being my own self.  I was my own best friend!  I loved to dance.  And I loved to listen to people and I mean really listen.  I like to give friendly advise to people.  I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm a very caring person.  I gained confidence in myself again and I'm starting to open up to people.  I still love to dance.  I'm gradually finding my soul again.  Coming on to this website was the best thing to do .   I like the people who you are.  I'm trying slowly to share some of meand my experiences, too.   I hope you understand.   It's kind of hard to describe me because I keep myself locked behind closed doors because of what happened.  But when I finally come out of my shell I'll be more confident to write to you too and share some of my great personal, positive,  and passionate experiences.  I started getting my energy back.  I started dancing again.  I started making people laugh again.  I started believing in myself again.  I started trusting God again.  But I still need some more improvement within myself.  I wanted you all to know that your stories and experiences are helping me regain my strength to write again.  I just wanted you too know that I'm not giving up.   I will write again.  Believe me I will.   I use to write in my journals ever since I was young (I guess about 8 y/o) and one day (when I relapsed about my rape insident) I was so mad that I wripped all of them up.  Believe me!!! This was the biggest mistake of my life.  There went all of my memories.  Now, that I look back at that time I regret tearing all of my good/bad experiences especially my passionate moments and my fantasies.  Your stories and experiences help my soul and keep me smiling on the other side.   You can't hear or see me.  Just remember I'm just a heartbeat away.  Smiling!!!  God's smiling, too!   He's there when your down, when your happy, when your angry, when your lonely, when your joyful, ...  Believe me he is.  You can feel him through your feelings.   And especially when you find your inner peace.  He's there you'll know it.  Trust me!!!  He guided me to you all.  Just remember keep writing.    Write about love, passion, memories, feelings, the world, etc...  Writing is the best thing for your mind, body, and soul....  Keep up the good work!!!  Keep Smiling!!!

Love, Zoigirl! 

P.S. - I'd definately recommend if your feeling down listen to the CD ZOEGIRL or PETRA.  Zoe in Greek means life.   Petra in Greek means Rock.  This music will bring you back to life and help you feel like a rock.  That CD helped me, too!!!

P.S.S. - One definate word that describes me (CARING) What's Yours?


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I have read your story and I understand where you are coming from. Im struggling with bipoloar illness and it is very difficult to deal with. I try to pray every night that God will enlighten me to someone and understand where i am coming from. It often haunts me that I see myself not trying in life but I push myself to move further in Gods hands and his presence. I loved your story and I hope you can find the peace and serenity that you have been looking for.

I love you back too! I'm still keeping the faith like Bon Jovi Said in his song. LOL!!! Even though the bad experiences happen I know I CAN NOT change them. The Serenity prayer reminds me of that. But I am choosing to fight until my last breath. And if you all read my experiences you'll truely understand why I am fighting to stay alive. If my experiences help you all than print them out and keep them to help YOU too. I understand and I'm here for you too. I love you all for being YOU. Thanks for your support. I really appreciate it. I mean YOU!

Cool.I am so glad you are becoming YOU again. Smile,dance,feel and share all of your hearts desires. Open up like a rose and never stop growing. Peace and Love,J<br />
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