I browse EP on my cellphone pretty much everyday, looking at the most "popular" then switching to the most recent, reading and learning more about people.

Most stories i leave a "good luck" or "hope things get better for you" just as a positive reinforcement to help them get through the day.

Other times, I cant help but state the truth, and be a little frank about it.

Although my comments can be harsh, they are never meant to be offensive, rude, or negative. I merely state what I think, or i believe, whether its backed up by facts, or just my personal experiences or feelings. Most times then not, i get comments after mine saying things like "Ignore her we support you!" or "Forget about those people they dont mean anything"

Now, to clarify, i dont mean anything i saw to be negative. I merely say whats on my mind, but i support the person in there life and there success 100%.

Except the animal, child and disabled people molesters.. but thats another story.


Anyway I just want to let everyone know (besides the sick people meantioned above) that if i comment on your story, and you get offended, please know that I mean no offense and no harm. I support you and your beliefs, your hopes and your dreams, and i wish you, as i wish everyone else, a happy and successful life.

DavesDaughter DavesDaughter
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4 Responses Mar 11, 2010

I can be blunt and to the point as well... it serves me well in my career.... 99% of the time I don't mean to be offensive.... and I always try to be very supportive. I actually think it would surprise a lot of people in real life how much I really do care...

agreed with ducky, never beat off around the bush. stick er in

ahaha and why is that?

do me a favor and comment on one of my stories sometime . While you're at it , be harsh .