Everything , Is Inspiring !

A Story i heard , a movie i watched , a person i talked to ... almost anything , and everything ! I think being inspired is one of the most important things we as humans must have .. and when sometimes , it comes naturally . Othertimes , it's something we must try to find , to live our lives in a better way , and maybe adifferent one . It's when we see deeper , than we usually do , when we try to figure the meaning behind what happens around us , and just then , we'll be surprised , in how mush we can learn , and teach in return !
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Thanks for the lovely comments everyone :) !

I agree with that , and with that vision to life , life becomes more interesting :)

Thats great so nice to hear someone being active and conscious about the way they live.<br />
<br />
Step by step,<br />
hour by hour,<br />
movement onward. <br />
Add to this a sincere heart,<br />
the enthusiasm of activity<br />
and you have a life well lived whatever the outcome.<br />
<br />
The act of living can be elevated into a divine space by actual intent.