It is so difficult to be the real me----been so used to hiding behind a wall and not letting others in. Yeah maybe a person knows a snippet of my life here and a snippet there but no one really knows the full me. A couple have come very close in life, but nobody has ever captured the total me. Why? I feel like nobody would like who I am, so when I find that I can be Myself with you, around you, to you and you still accept me for who I am that I have found somebody exceptionally special, someone who loves you in spite of u being you, who loves you warts and all.
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1 Response Jul 21, 2010

It's a fault of mine--I don't hide--not my style--I am who I am--what I am--I'm real, I'm true, I've made mistakes--it's all part of me--the woman that I have become--am I perfect--absolutely not--it's life--we all have bumps and bruises--we move on--we grow--we change--we become well in my case--ME!!