Some people just have it coming though. Remember, you're immune to sarcasm unless you set yourself up as a target, lol.

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I'm so very sarcastic sometimes. And it comes off really rude. And to some people, that doesn't bother me. Other times I hear myself talking to those I care about or like or whatever and think, even to myself, "Dang. Lay off."<br />
Do you ever do that? <br />
Then again, sarcasm's an artform. I can't draw and don't play instruments, so I might as well keep it up. If I'm good at this, I might as well run with it. heh.

You're a nice person Catya - much nicer than me!

Sarcasm is nasty isn't it? I try to see the best in people so sometimes miss it or feel sorry for the person and don't want them to be on the receiving end of my response

Thats me to,this is not the way I want to be,at all I will push my self to do everything perfect,this goes for any one that ask of me.Then when it's my turn, my God I would be so ashamed to even addmitt that I did it.I wish I could tell them how I really feel.I'm afraid to hurt them so I lie and tell them,Oh my thank you so much.It's like can't they see,it shocks me at times. Thank you good topic! Trails

Of course everyone gets caught out sometimes, even me. lol