I am suspicious of all men I meet. It takes a number of years for me to find out enough about a man to trust him. I have two male friends, irl, and I have one online, who I don't ever talk to. I consider myself an Androphobe. I think I will start a group called that. I do have brothers but that still makes only four irl guys that I would trust at all, in any situation. I just don't feel the same sort of human connection with men. Unless they are my very good friends, or my brothers. I prefer to just have lesbian friends in place of men I think. I mean, that's how it has turned out, more than once I have found myself with only female friends. Not anything like as many as I have now though. I think there are alot of bad people in the world, and certainly in the UK there are far too many criminals ruining my peace-of-mind. I wonder if I can write why I distrust men. I mean, I know that men are the culprits for virtually all the sexual crimes that go on. And I know that they often grow up in a society that expects them to be unemotional, selfish, and intolerant, even violent, during their chilhood. I think that not every one of them does out grow this. Even if they appear to take part in the tolerant modern society (that I think most EPers inhabit), I still have it in the back of my mind that all guys have the potential to be very harmful.  I have known alot of men who were disrespectful to the ladies, or worse, alot worse; (I can't list here the page would be flagged as adult material) and I just never truly feel like I can be warm n welcoming to other guys. I try to be, on the surface. "Hi, nice to meet you" but inside I'm wondering where he just came from what does he get up to....      I can't seem to help it.

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men scare the **** out of me <br />
i used to hate them so dearly

I don't think I hate men at all.. That would be like saying that all men are bad or that maleness is itself bad. I don't think that, I am a man. I am just distrusting of men generally, they scare me too unless I know them really well and know them to be good men. I do hate the cultural pressures that men grow up with, and that stupid macho **** where we're all supposed to be uncaring, unconciensious bastards, or else get called "gay". &gt;_&gt;

You're not a fighter are you? You definitely don't feel like a brutish man if you're afraid of men who really are brutish.<br />
<br />
Look on the brightside. If they seem big and scary than at least that means you're not big and scary so anyone trying to portray men that way should look at you and realize that there are exceptions.<br />
<br />
You're the good guy.

Thanks. I do tend to expect other people to think I'm a creep though. I worry that other people will find me threatening or creepy, for no particular reason, it's just what I expect people to feel about me. I was actually a horrible person when I was a kid, and maybe that's why. Anyway, thank you for commenting and complimenting me like that, you gave me a smile. =)

*lol* *lmao* :D<br />
Well, thankyou very much! :D <br />
Back atcha! :D

Only on a fair-to-good day. Nnnot so much on a bad day. There are getting less and less bad days now. I think being "around" other Epeeps has helped me a lot. Just by stopping me from thinking so negatively. I do find plenty of places on EP to feel alone still, not only in my "I wear a lot of hats" group.<br />
Thanks for trying! :D It does sink-in, gradually. All these compliments though, come without you ever even seeing me. Sorry, that was rude... so I have no choice but to say I believe you completely and of course you know me perfectly well enough to know all thios about me? that's not very fair! .. Ok, I believe you! I'm a great guy! ;)

This story was copy/pasted from another group i am in, I just wanted the points to buy gifts with! This comment will help as well. Thanks EP. :)

I cast myself as a villiain too. I am trying to not do that any more. :)<br />
I used to project my paranoias and phobias onto strangers and fill-in blanks in stories with my imagination to make them worse than reality. I must learn to "look on the bright side". :/<br />
I was getting specific help with that, but now it's just the general friendliness of EP that keps me sort-of sane-ish. I'm still a basket case though..