I Think I Was A Therapist In My Past Life.

For some reason I have the ability to give sound advice.  I have been through quite a lot in my short life, so that's probably why.  I don't judge people because I hope that people will not judge me.  I have done and seen and experienced a lot of things on my 27 years on earth.  I know this sounds stupid but Iv'e done it all.  If you think you are embarrassed or ashamed of being judged......talk to me, I bet I make you feel better.  I am kind of at a nice peace in my life now.  but i'm happy to say I don't regret a single thing.  It has made me who I am today.
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1 Response Jul 31, 2010

You sound a lot like me. I'm great at giving other people advice! When it comes to my own life however, I over analyze everything to the point where I can't think straight! Lol!