Female Neck Fetish

I have this fetish thing from my young age
As a small boy i used to see my cousin and aunt
At 13 i thought that why cant we check out girls of our age's neck
That time it gave me a feeling to see their neck all time
I see a girl starting with her neck...
I can see a girl neck without losing my concentration
The movement of their throat..Its size...Its shape turns me on
I love to keep my hand on it but i fear that she slaps me
I ********** mostly by thinking of their necks I even think of strangling them and do it...I think of their face during strangling.... Their tongue poping out........ Their eyes broadening...... Their legs shaking etc., ********* me. 
I love to grip a women neck... unfortunately i doesn't even have any GF
I know a girl from my child hood ...
Names sruti
I not thought of her neck.... until now
I see her face initially
I dont know why?
Please someone tell me why?

neckfetishmy neckfetishmy
22-25, M
May 9, 2012