My Indecisiveness Can Incapacitate Me

Sometimes I get so frustrated with myself because I can become very indecisive - about everything if I am stressed.  The end result is either inaction on my part, procrastination or overdoing.  There are so many things on my To Do list that I can't decide what to tackle first so then I don't tackle anything or I put it off and put it off sometimes until it is too late (and sometimes this wastes money because I don't return things by the time I should, etc...).  And the overdoing - I can't decide what i want to do or be involved in so I involve myself in it all and then I become overwhelmed then more indecisive and the cycle continues....

You get the picture....

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Don't you think it IS helpful sometimes when someone says ME TOO! At least I feel better!<br />
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Your comment about the I DO's - hilarious!! Wait a long time for this - getting ready to go through a divorce myself! (well, if I can ever make a firm decision on it! LOL, but not really - at least there is no anger between us anymore)<br />
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If you ever need to talk, I can NOT message you but am a great listener - used to teach high school, now substitute teach. (shhhh! don't tell, but I have a 2nd ID, DorothyofOz - I don't use this one much but can't bear to delete it and lose everything!)

I am also ridiculously indecisive. It drives me mad. I think its because of my lack of confidence and motivation to do anything. I can't make decisions, and I feel so anxious all the time. When i know a decision is coming, i get so stressed. It leads me to ramble and contradict myself... I panic when I'm asked a question even when I know the answer. <br />
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"Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"<br />
*panics* "...I dunno."<br />
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I dread this day. <br />
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(I know this is no help whatsoever, I just wanted to say that I'm indecisive too...)

EPGrace - thank you for the compliment! So glad to have you in my circle!<br />
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Antigravity - I came back here to read the newest comment and then I reread yours - and I had forgotten about the link you had sent me! And here is another "Everything Happens for A Reason" moment - I went to the link today and TODAY is when I needed to read something like this - had just been talking to a friend about this issue that I have - Perfectionism. And pondering how to let my need to be perfect and have things perfect go - and then here is your article!<br />
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This is when I choose to believe that God is definitely guiding our lives (imho).

That happens to me when I'm procrastinating too! I don't think anyone has ever quite described the feeling so perfectly...

I love coincidences too - I actually joined that group - I believe Everything Happens for A Reason<br />
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And yes I am in crisis mode, but that's a whole other story! Thanks for asking.... I will eventually "confess" or blog or something....

American is correct - Southern to boot and East Coast! and MOM - she has problems with indecisiveness when it comes to something FOR her - like paint for room or clothes for herself - almost like she doesn't deserve it - but I encourage her at those times - she is most decisive when it comes to MY decisions - lol!<br />
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I didn't see you as taking over my story - I like to hear how other people talk and process things and make decisions - we can all learn from each others' EXPERIENCES - hey - I think that's what the creators had in mind, huh??? lol and MY indecisiveness comes from self-doubt sometimes or overwhelming stress with my life and in my life.... if I am in crisis mode - God help us all if I have to make a decision! : )

When you learn how to do all that - can you pass it on to me??? Today I had a very productive day - but there were times that I could have gotten caught up in the decisions - Mom to the rescue - she just says what she thinks whether you ask her or not - so I was fine with her opinion and went along with it to finish the job. I think you are really smart and come across as older.