My Daughter!

My daughter is 14.
I KNOW, I KNOW, it's a phase.
But it's not.  And it is.

She has always been very pessimistic and unhappy.  Beyond stoic. 
She would be happy to list dozens of things that aren't right in her life if she was writing this.
Her life is pretty nice, actually.  Hobbies, activities, loving and supporting friends and family, many technologies kids like these days, etc.  Pretty nice and normal.
But she is miserable and unhappy all of the time. She "hates" everything.  Is "bored" by everything.  She puts herself into double binds where she must be on the losing side.  It's painful to watch her struggle.

I honestly don't know...her personality has always been pretty pessimistic and "half empty" and, admittedly, it has gotten worse as she approaches fifteen.

What I'm looking for is some good advice on how to be the best parent I can be for her. 
I think I'm pretty good; I have my moments, though, when she gets on my nerves.  But I take a great deal of time and effort to listen and to support her, validate her feelings as real.  It's about 90/10, which isn't bad!  LOL

I need advice, though.  I love her so much and would love to find a way to help her through this...
Advice?  Books?  Film?  Something else?ShooshyMa

THANK YOU in advance for any time and thought you give to this!

Peace, Karen
ShooshysMom ShooshysMom
2 Responses May 14, 2012

Not sure about what you can do for her. Try to talk to her and find out if something is bothering her, maybe? I don't know, really. Even I, being a teenager with exactly the same age of your daughter, have no idea about what to do. It's pretty normal for some teens act like that when they have a good life. Not saying that you should take away what she have, it just happens.

i dont think theres much you can do. Shes at that age, hormones flying everywhere. She could have the best friends, technologies and family in the world but she'll still probably feel the same way. I have a little cousin, hes 19 now but when he turned 13 he changed big time. He pis*ed me of a LOT, did really annoying stuff even when i told him not to, he had some major attitude issues. It lasted for a few years. Hes 19 now, i dont see him so much but i think hes calmed down a bit. .. Its going to be a rough few years for her and you but hang in there, she'll come out of it .