How To Become Incontinent

There are TWO ways to become incontinent.

The first is Trauma to the human body in a way that would disrupt the nerves from communicating with the brain or a paralysis of the body that would cause you to not feel the urge to go to the bathroom.

The second is to pee when, and where ever you are without looking for a restroom. Just pee and just pee right then and there. No questions asked. Just do it.

I will be talking about the SECOND one in this article to help everyone out there understand why becoming incontinent seems impossible.

Ok everyone out there this is a true experience and will work for everyone and is proven 100% effective. If you want to become incontinent there are some things that you need to do. I am not talking about small changes either. These changes will affect you and everyone you know as well as Friends, co-workers, Family, YOUR Job, and will cost a lot of money in the long run. If you are up to the challenge then please continue to read this letter.

The number one reason becoming incontinent seems to be difficult is not because you can’t. It is because Incontinence is just a terminology used to explain one’s symptoms. Now to explain the very essence of being incontinent is that you go to the bathroom whenever and wherever you are at the time you need to go; without the regard to find a toilet. You just wet yourself right then and their. Others will perceive you as being incontinent. Like I said Incontinence is just a terminology used to explain one’s symptoms.

Now there is a way to make the essence of being incontinent easier although without some form of trauma. There is no affective way not to feel some form of the “I have to go feeling”. Sorry if that makes you mad but when you got to go; You got to go.

Now for the fun part of this training exercise.

To make yourself incontinent stand up and pee right their. Just do it. don’t think about it just do it. This is being incontinent. Because you could not reach the toilet in time. So remember that when you got to go. Just go right where you are and do not think about the toilet. You want to be incontinent so act like you are incontinent. You will most likely never use the toilet because of two key reason‘s. You are usually not sitting on the toilet when you do not have to go, and I can guarantee that you don’t walk around with a toilet glued to your bottom. So you will not be able to reach it that‘s just the way it‘s going to be. You wanted to be incontinent so act like you are incontinent.

When you got to go just let it all out at the moment you feel the need to go. Within time the urge’s will become less bothersome and you will not feel the pain of a full bladder as much and soon your bladder will start to shrink.

Your bladder is a muscle and if you stop holding it in when you have to go then your muscle will start to become weaker and it will want to hold less before you get the urge to go. If you continue this program like I instruct you your bladder will be able to shrink to the size of a golf ball and only hold about 3oz before you get the urge. REMEMBER the smaller the bladder the less you will feel when you need to go thus making it easier to start going. The moment you start holding it. Your bladder will return to it’s previous size and you will have to start all over again.

As an adult your bladder is about the size of a soft ball when full and shrinks when you go to the bathroom. You need to get your bladder to shrink so when it is full you want it the size of a golf ball. If you have patients and wish to follow these steps then you will have to go to the bathroom almost every 20-30 min so my suggestion is for you to ware a diaper or go to your doctor and get a catheter what ever your heart desires because if you don’t you will pee on yourself every 20-30 min where ever you are because you are incontinent right?

BEDWETTING is easier and does not take any effort. If you follow the steps I have written above. Becoming a bed wetter is a synch and will happen anyways so be careful it may become permanent weather you intend for it to be or not... Over time you will feel the need to go lessen to a point where if you have to go you may not feel it on an unconscious level like sleeping.

BEDEWTTING Will happen and there is nothing you can do about it. IT WILL HAPPEN and in some cases bedwetting may become permanent. So be careful If this is what you want then go for it. But if you have any wishes to not to become a bed wetter then do not follow my instructions because if you follow these instructions you WILL BECOME A BEDWETTER AND you may not be able stop.

BEDWETTING for some may be non reversible so please think about this before you want to become incontinent. Because once a bed wetter you may as well be a bed wetter for the rest of your life weather like it or not.

Once you start wetting the bed you may not ever be able to stop so please take this into consideration before attempting this How to guide

OH and every time you pee drink at least 8oz of water. WATER WATER WATER!!!

Hope that explains to you why becoming incontinent seems impossible. “Well it kind of is.” Happy wetting.


Morel of this story is: When you have to go just go and soon you will become incontinent. “Well Almost.”
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All of you that say When you have to go, just go" are right. It took me about 4 days of wearing a diaper 24/7 to be able to most of the time, it took me longer to do it when sitting on an upright chair (strange ... but that is still a bit problematic for me :( ) - then it took about 7days/nights of wearing 24/7 to wake up with a wet diaper - as long as I put it on really tightly - remember how you do up babies diapers at night? Tight, so there will be no leaks - I think maybe my brain senses it is safe to pee, and doesn't bother waking me.... and to start with I had a large glass of water before bed... something I wouldn't normally do. But now I don't have to... and I really do not know when I pee, I just wake up with a wet diaper, honest.

As for pooing at will - the same thing, it is messy, and smelly, but if you really want to go there it is exactly the same... when you feel the urge just push a bit (to help things move) and away you go - it is a messy business clearing up - so if I am "caught short" and fancy a poo, I will do it, but normally not - or if I do, there is unlikely to be any sitting until I change the diaper.

As for (if you are worried) what other people think, see etc - as long as you aren't groaning as you push a massive poo out in a busy shopping queue, people really don't notice - they are more worried about their lives than the person next to them. I have wandered around for a full day in malls, bars and restaurants with a poo and wee filled diaper - and no one has apparently noticed at all.

Personally, I don't go for all of this stuff about exposing a bit of diaper as I walk around outside that some people advocate... it is not their business and is only going to cause grief.. But when indoors I may well (as I am now) just wear a diaper.

So .. it is all about letting go - drink loads of water, beer, whatever takes your fancy, regular strong coffees (coffee and tea are diarrhetics and make you pee) . As soon as you feel the need pee (or poo). - You will get so you dont realise you are peeing.... I havent gone there with the pooing bit... but if you can train yourself not to care I would think it is possible.

Wonderful little article....and valuable advice. Thank you so much!

I've trained a handful of ladies who really wanted it. The one that failed is the one who didn't have her heart into it. The time it takes for success varies per person; I had one where it took almost 3 months (for pee) and 7 months for poop. But she said it was worth it to her and as far as I know she is still enjoying being incontinent

Another way to make your bladder shrink to a very small size is to wear a catheter for 8 months to a year. You will be peeing and not even know it.

I like this post. I wanna try it out but how do I go about it if you live with parents and wearing diapers is hard. How do I go about telling them if I haven't shown signs that I have a problem? Also, I have a big bladder that holds a lot, I cant go unless it's almost full. I just need advice on this, it's hard for me to do it because of parents.

so your saying that we should alway hold in our peer and then let it go until our bladder get weaker and weaker so that we will go ever 20 to 30 minutes

I want to be incontinence,for poo how long would it take me

Depends - could be as long as a year.

OH...I had one more thing to say...PamperGirl your spelling is fine no one is perfect ^_^

First off I'd just like to say
Like every one else here I love wearing diapers I love them now and always have don't really know why I just do.
I'm now to the point where I want to wear them ALL the time. For me that's all I wear now.
But the thing is I've been trying to find different was to try and be able to wet the bed
I've try all sorts of hypnosis tracks but none of them worked for me at all I just couldn't fall under (AKA hypnosis) all it would do is just relax me and that was it wouldn't go any further then that so I try searching around the internet to see what I could find and came across a link to this page and thought that I'd give it a try.
I just started your "Training" the other day and I was also reading through everyone responses and a I had seen that you "PampersGirl3" had said that being able to wet the bed "was whole different ball game" but i'd like to know exactly how different the proses to wetting the bed is compared to becoming incontinent?
As well I'm wanting to shoot for the need of diapers. I already wear them full time so doing this just gives me an excuse to really need to wear them full time. But I am going to give this program a try and see how it goes.
And I do love the fact that their people that feel the same about this as I do so that I don't feel so alone and out of place in this world.

Iv always wanted to wear diapers so I had to "become incontinent". I began a few years ago when I began wearing diapers every day for month. After doing that I new I could do it permanently. But my job was the biggest obsticle. It no private restroom and I needed a place to change my wet diapers. I began seeking a new job and began telling relatives and others about my "problem". I found out that a local nursing home was looking for people so I went in and filled out an application. I told the women in the interview that I am incontinent and I wear diapers. She hired my that day. I now work at a job that requires me to wear diapers because of incontinence. I have put myself into a diaper dependent life style within a 3 week period. Now its been 3 years of wetting and I dont have any control. I think it was about the 5th month of full-time wearing that I wet without trying. I began wearing thick cloth diapers, and plastic pants to work. Its a dream come true ffor me!!

I know this works, and have experienced it myself. I started wearing diapers because of a few oops. Then I started just peeing and pooping when I felt the tiniest urge. Then one morning, I awoke to a full diaper, don't remember having gone. It happened a couple nights later then became a regular even. But I can't reverse it, and I've tried. Though I'm glad and satisfied to be diapered for good.

I agree with your description of how to achieve "self-induced or willing" incontinence, and with most of the replies below. I've told people the same basic thing for years, that instead of trying to hold it for as long as you possibly can, and then flooding a diaper, instead, pee the instant you get the signal from your brain and let it flow! Your diaper will absorb the smaller amounts better than a flood, giving you a longer-wetter diaper experience overall.

Holding it might be great for those that love & are tuned on by desperation, but it definately increases the size of your bladder (to compensate) AND probably makes you even more continent, to some degree (since you actually have to hold it to get to that point of desperation). I'd guessthat it's probably not too good for your body to be holding urine for MUCH longer than necessary, and I'd guess that Dr. Oz would agree. So again, getting rid of your pee as soon as the signal hits, is probably the best method to avoid uric acid buildup (leading to gout) and perhaps expanding your bladder and/or damaging kidneys, etc. over several decades of this activity. Put on a diaper instead and just let it flow!

One thing I'd like to point out here (for anyone wondering) is that this choice PROBABLY would NOT lead to PERMANENT physical incontinence, but rather a "willing incontinence", whereby, if you choose to live your life this way for long enough, your body adjusts and you'll find yourself peeing freely at any location and in any situation you so choose, BUT, you could probably retrain yourself to hold for longer periods, if and when you chose to, since there is no physical damage preventing your from gaining control, IF YOU'RE WILLING to reverse the process and get back out of diapers. Why anyone of us that love diapers would do that is beyond me, but I just felt like some that read this thread would think this is a permanent irreversible phycially damaging method to achieve wetness and bedwetting, when it's more of a choice that you make to enjoy being diapered and wetting somewhat unconsciously (at some point), to the point of maybe even becoming an unconscious nighttime wetter. Some might term is more like hypnosis, and that's fine, as long as you achieve the desired result...

Thanks for posting your experience at making it real!

Thanks. That is helpful advice. I DO want to incontinent and BE a bed wetter forever.I have been in the same wet panties and sweat pants all day and just keep re-wetting them whenever I have to go.
And do NOT worry about your spelling. I am a teacher and spelling is better than most of my (high school) students. And I can read Klingon (or at least what looks like Klingon). Please, keep writing.

what does it really matter if her spelling is not the best.

I agree with pamper girl, I now find myself weeing without even knowing day and night. Am interested how others partners cope with this and what the sex life is like. Am very lucky partner even helps with nappy changes.

So true I was parcially incontinent and I started to pee in nothing but my diaper and have lost more control of my blatter most of the time I don't even feel it. It just comes out now. I love diapers always have.

lets be friends and we can wet ourselves together please add me

Easier said then done.

If you keep at it, it will get easier. You have to really want it. If their is one percent that is hesitant then you will fail. You have to want this more then you have ever wanted anything in your life time. That is the commitment level you need. Like I said if you keep at it and want this more then anything else ever. You will achieve it. However it will take a long time. Be patient. It will come to you.

I started not going for a pee before bed. And I wake in the night needing to pee but in my semi conciousness I let it go in my nappy. When I wake like today it took a few secs to remember why my nappy is wet. So something might be happening.

that means you are at the height of your traning. Down hill from here. I would say 6 more months until complete loss of control and when you wake up you will remember nothing. Great work let me know where you are in about 6 months...

I will. I'm trying a few days of 24hour nappying. Having trouble pooping though which is very strange for me as its never usually a problem.

Tell us what you did for bowel incontinence please. I now have arthritis in my spine plus my bowels go from constipated to quite loose all the time. I quite often get the feeling of needing a poo and start going in under thirty seconds. Just can't hold it. And I have quite strong muscles down there. Just as well I've loved nappies all my life. No idea why. I just do.
Don't worry about your spelling. I can work out what you're saying. I have dyslexia as well. But I also have a high IQ. Not unusual if you have dyslexia.

Regardless of PampersGirl3's spelling I think she has wonderful articles. If I truly had the desire to become incontinent then I would be following her advice to a tee. <br />
PampersGirl, how long did it take for you to lose complete control of both your bowels and bladder?

I am not really sure. It was along time ago. If I were to guess I think it took me about 3 years in all to un do what I was so yousto doing for my entire life. I wrote an article a while back explaining the younger you are the easier it is. If you are in your early 20's like I was with no prior daytime accidents I would say about the same. "You have to teach yourself it is ok to be wet all the time and smell like a out-house if you poop. Once you get past all that it becomes like second nature... "Mind over matter" That is all it is. As stated in this story if you choose to become incontinent you have complete control, you just go when and where you are. However wetting the bed is a whole diffirent ball game. You can become a bed wetter and on that note It took about a year of constant night time accidents (on purpous) to beign wetting the bed. but there were some nights where I did not wet but after the three yeay mark I would safley say I accomplished my goal. (3 years) "Also depends on how ready you are to wet the bed!"

Definitely if you really want to wet the bed then with comitment it can be fairly easy. You have to want it and stay comitted to your goal and above all enjoy the journey.

It took about 3 weeks for me to loose complete control in my punishment (i was 8) with the effect of prescription strength laxatives and wetting medicine.

I used spell check on this and there were NO errors in the spelling. If there are truly errors in the spelling then I would have to blame it on the auto spell program I used. On a serious level I have a third grade spelling level because of dyslexia but if the spelling on this is incorrect then "It is the auto spell I used. SORRY for the inconvenience! If you are smart enough to correct my spelling then I think you are smart enough to figure out what the words are. "Please stop complaining about my spelling.”

Well I wouldn't even try to mangle myself especially before the holidays. <br />
<br />
So I'm thinking of trying option #2, besides It would be a good reason for me to use the special needs changing room so all I need to do is have an accident at school and tell the administration that I need to transfer to MAPS for one week and have an aide to help change me.

So is it the same for pooping? When you feel the urge just do it? I read somewhere that just letting go when you get the first urge is better for your body as you are not retaining the toxins in your waste in your body. I'm sure it was some medical article.

It is very important to understand your body's signals. Do not force yourself to pee or poop. Forcing yourself could cause constipation and infections. When you feel the urge to go just try to let it come out just as you would do if using the toilet. it will not speed the process up by trying to force yourself. In regards to pooping it is a much more difficult process to master. When you were a kid Pooping in the potty was a hard feat to accomplish and is the same for all ages. To undo that training it will be just as hard to reverse it as it is to accomplish. Keep in mind your bladder is easier to control then your poop. Your poop muscles is stronger then your bladder. which there is more pressure that builds up and if you train yourself to poop freely then when the pressure builds up to a certain point your poop will come out so forcefully you will not be able to stop it even if you hold it.

It wont let me see your profile because of your privacy settings. What did you want?

This is just for wetting not #2 right bc I dont want to lose control of both

Answer to ALdiaperboy's Question.

Your bladder muscle's and poop muscle's are pretty much the same muscle. If you hold your poop in you are affectively holding in your pee as well. If you want to become incontinent you have only one option; Lose both or it will not work. Hope this helped

do u wear diapers 24/7

Answer to Parksjack83's Question.

I would not say I wear diapers 24/7. Rather "I wear diapers as much as someone who is not potty trained. "I do not wear them when Bathing." (If I did; Then it would be 24/7)

thks lol
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