How can I be incontinet, what is the quckiest way to become incontinet?
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laxatives or enema

Young man I would definitely not do this because it would make wearing the diapers more of a choir and an everyday thing you have to plan for rather then something you can do for fun. It is like chocolate, sure it is great to eat but you wouldn't want to eat it everyday or you would get sick of it.

My advice is not to go there... keep it as a fun thing to do so you can stop if you want.

Read the post by "easy6delta" , it works great!

Well do

Keep wearing your diapers 24/7 and let go every time it took me 12 month

Make a stent out of a cath and insert into bladder,but be sure to add a string on cath to pull it out when your tired of leaking 24/7.


You might want to go on x tube site and look for SHAVER315 he has a short vid on how to do it. I can tell you but your better to look at how its done. Several sort vids are out there on how to!!
Google it dailydiapers

I'm struggling to acheive this myself. Pee seems to be fairly easy for me But I would love to be able to wake up wet. I'm lookingvat trying to take some water pills and a sedative

Let me know how it works for you, I am trying to work this on my selft to

Have you tried hypnosis? Go to free files. Use the ones by mind master and EMG. they are the best. Have to listen to them at least once a day. When I first started to notice that I was wetting my self it was what I wanted but the hypnosis files really spead things up. You have to stick with them cause at first you won't think anything is happening but after a month or so things will start rolling and you won't be able to go back. Your sphincter muscles will actually atrophy and then you will be incontinent.

Let me know how it works

Ya give some updates :)

Will do sometime

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The quickest way is to let it go as soon as you feel the need to, no matter where you are or what you're doing. That will weaken the muscles and get your body used to going. At night, if you wake up needing to pee, you pee right away and go back to sleep and your body will get used to sleeping wet.

Ok if I wore a diaper 24/7 that would happen right

Yes, so long as you let go the SECOND you felt the need to


don't fo it.

I am not

Cool. Just looking out for ya

I like that thank but I am going to be a bedwetter thought

That's OK. Just some advice. Please stay in control of it and do it for fun. Do not become reliant on diapers for a dry night. As you have already told me you want to get married and have kids one day. If things get tight financially you want to be free to not have to wear diapers if you do not have to. Also if you ever want to stop wearing them or your wife wants you to stop or something else comes up it is good to have the control and be able to stop. Control your use of diapers, don't let them control you or how you live.

That's really good Advice thank you

to help with cost go to Ur doc and say u are haven a wetting problem and they will weather want tests or they will wright u a perscip I had back sugary when I was 21 I've been in and out of diapers for 8 years now I love my diapers I always have and always will and want the same thing as everyone ealts and to how ever said that u can't have kids or Ur wife may ask u to stop there right about the wife part but u can always have kids I have a 3 year old son and my wife new everything but I don't really get the chose when it comes to diapers I have what my focus says is a shy bladder but not at the Sam time I can't always stop it when my back flares up but like I've said its been 8 years and I've finally made up my mind to go to a diaper every min of my life its a lot Easter to just wear a diaper then play the in and out game so

Sorry to hear what happen to you, I love my diapers but I don't know what my wife would say, or she aspect me or not . Or what my kids will say

Why not

Ok thanks

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