I regressed back to bedwetting a couple of years ago, and daytime pantswetting. I've realized there is no longer any point in fighting it and I would like a "coach" to talk to me and help me lose the rest of my control.
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I gave up fighting the inevitable and went back to wearing nappies all the time. I am somuch happier and relaxed now. I will be dependant on nappies for the rest of my life and have soggy nappies, wet beds and a room that smells of pee but I just don't care any more.

l have been wearing my pull ups since 08.00hrs and they re now very wet. The feeling of hot wee running round my balls and up to my bum is great. Hope l can keep them on till tonight when l can pump hot ***** into them.

l wear nappies during the day but am not allowed to wear them at night and have to keep getting out of bed every 2/3 hours to wee. lt is much better to just do it and get on with other things.

How can I help?