My Wife Strpping On Cyberchat

a few nights ago i finally convinced my wife to take her cloths off for other men, it started with this chatroom where you can cam i asked her if she would talk to some men . at first she hessitatef but wanted to do it so ended up talking she started talking with a mid asian guy that looked to be in his late 20 she was having a regular conversation with him when i pulled down her blouse just enough to see the upper part of her breasts she looked at me with a smile and i asked her if she would take it off she asked the man if he wanted to see her and he didnt think it twice she pulle her blouse off exposing her breasts and touching her body the guy was going wild and started touching himself she asked me if i would change it to the next guy so i did and she was just rubbing her breasts in front of all these men finally she said she wanted a older guy to see her so i scrolled until i found one the man was paralysed but didnt want her to leave she sedduced him until she couldnt take it no more and went on me when i put my hand in her panties she was so wet that i had never felt her that wet before we made love all night long and i came in her im hoping we do it again tonight she is looking at me while i share this story right now
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my wifes fantasy is with older men she loves older men she loves **** with older men to