I Can...

...but I prefer to color outside the lines and to be different from others.  Staying inside the lines is just not my style.  I color outside the lines.  I think outside the box.  My reality is not black and white, as there is plenty of gray and many shades of colors, some that have never been named by Crayola.  So to think I would only color between the lines is boring to me.  Let me color my world my way, and I will let you color yours.

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Love the way you aid that!

My point is though all those people that are actually trying to be different really aren't that much different.

Oh i was never a goth or emo. I just couldn't conform to a cookie cutter approach. I get bored with myself sometimes and have to change myself.

Those restaurants where they hang up what the kids have drawn usually have a bunch of added on items that the kids have drawn on them. I don't concern myself with trying to be different or the same. In the end it is just a waste of time. I have things i want to accomplish before i die. nothing else about the world matters to me. <br />
<br />
I just have noticed a lot of kids who go out of their way to be different do it the same way as everyone else around them. So in the end they are kind of the same. Like goth or emo kids.

No because most people do not draw characters outside the pictures to create an entirely different picture. That was one thing that set me apart in the applications I produced. They were never ordinary. There was some flair to them. I don't like being like everyone else. If people start being like me I re-create myself to be different. Fitting into the norm is not something I strive to be.

But if you are trying to be different the same way everyone else is trying to be different aren't you just being the same anyway?

thanks AAA.

hehe like ur thinking and style*

LOL, I just love to color outside the lines. i was the kid that would draw my own picture in the plain margins in the coloring book. If I didn't like the hat on the character I would draw around it and change it. I was a strange kid lol.

Hehe you sound like a protester or something, let me colour my world my way and I will let you colour yours! :P