Coloring On My Own

I used crayons to make my goofy drawings for a poem I would write on a piece of paper and fold in half so it looked like a card of love that I gave to my wife.  She, for some zany reason, loved these goofy cards and it always put a smile on her face.  She saved them all along with the Hallmarks I bought her so now I have a collection of the cards and messages of love I gave her.

My crayolas are quiet these days.


nudeinva nudeinva
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12 Responses Mar 4, 2009

TY d10, peace comes slowly. Thanks<br />
<br />
TY flourlady, she was much more wonderful than I could ever be!

thats great nudeinva i bet you were a wonderful husband.

Glad to hear that ...

TY 12BNude. I have not been motivated to do anything as of yet. I am sure that after my heart heals sufficiently I will go back to drawing goofy cards for someone.<br />
Yes the morality problem was resolved. :-)

Maybe it's time to dust off the crayola's... even if she can't recieve the picture, you might find it therapudic. You could even post some here, I understand that the "morality police" gave you some extra spaces in the photo album...

TY picklethepenguin, she agreed with your sentiment!

TY mewold, I have tears in my eyes every day. Thank you!

Nudeinva, I have tears in my eyes for you.

TY Skunktails<br />
<br />
TY runnagirl, however I feel that I was the lucky guy!

that is so sweet. your wife was a lucky woman.

That is a great idea. I live with a girl who would absolutely adore getting cards like that. She is the sweetest.<br />
Thank you for this great idea.