Practice Makes Perfect

i was always interested in my dreams but didnt really know anything about them..  always thought they were just lil movies your mind would make when your asleep.  ive always had crazy dreams but didnt know there supposed to mean anythin untill i was bought a dream dictionary couple years back and read it enought to get an idea on how to understand them, basically put 2 and 2 together to get the big picture. than i noticed i was able to think in my dreams have real thoughts which i thought was tight as hell. now im able to make watever i wanna appear just by thinkin it. i could make myself fly and have powers its crazy. i love havin my dreams cuz its way better than reality sadly to say. so who ever reads this i adive you get a dream dictionary and practice for yourself, im still learning new things. sounds crazy huh????? 
sayrob sayrob
26-30, M
May 25, 2010