Since I Was Young

I had dreams of falling and drowing as a kid in very real placed I had been to.  I would wake up after I died in these dreams and it freaked me out.  I got tired of it so I started taking control.

On my falling dream I would fall or be pushed off a cliff at the beach so I decided I would land on my feet and walk away.  Eventually I just flew away.

On my drowning dream I was in a pool at summer camp and the drain got turned on and sucked me into a whirlpool and I would drown.  I just breathed like I had gills and swam until the water was gone.

Now when I have funky dreams it's usually from too much sleep and they go in weird directions... I can guide the dreams for a while but eventually I just end the dream and get up and start my day.

PHSensei PHSensei
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6 Responses Feb 15, 2009

Oh Oh NEEDLES no likey.....too straight to the "Point"

Sounds fun! I went to my first accupunture appointment the other day... was a great time to meditate :)

Dreams..A means of processing subconcious thoughts' I agree sensei, one can also experience this in dissociative dreaming...lets fly together.....weeeeeeeeeee :)

Thanks. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

From what I can tell it happens from lack of use. Controlling your dreams takes practice and if you don't do it often it becomes harder. I would suggest mediation... get all relaxed and comfy and imagine you are in a familair place, and envision a walk around that place... then branch out as it gets easier... you can even try flying (which is astral projection). This will give you the basics...<br />
<br />
The key to lucid dreaming is to in the dream recoginize its a dream. That is really 90% of it. I'm a light sleeper so that may be part of why I can do this.

I used to be able to do this... when I was a kid I had horrible dreams about being chased, but then I learned to fly away from the thing that was chasing me.<br />
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I can't do it any more, though. Most of my dreams aren't lucid - they're too real and I'm too caught up in them. I still have some shockers and REALLY wish I could do this. Any idea as to why I've lost the ability?