i sometimes have a dream about being in a war and then i realize that i am dreaming and find that i can change the dream quite easily but i can't hold the same dream for a long time, i have to change dream otherwise i'll wake up.

i didn't think much of it when i first started having this dream but then i started to wonder why i couldn't control my dreams when they start differently so i went on-line to see if anyone else has the same thing and found a site that describes how to lucid dream. i did what the site said to do and found that i could remember my dreams more clearly but i could never get lucid without that initial dream. the more i tried the less i started to dream the same dream but it was a lot clearer when i did. i have stopped trying now because i'm lucky if i have that key dream once every month, i used to have it 2 or 3 times a week, and i don't want it to go completely.

i love when i can control what i'm dreaming because i can make anything happen, weather i'm in the mood for flying, swimming without breathing or even getting intimate with my dream girl (lol) i can make it happen.

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na not really, i could usualy tell quite easily but i've stopped having them now, it's been months since my last one, : (

i just has a lucid dream last night, and i think it is one of the best i ever had. but eventually i think i got so into the dream i forgot i was dreaming and it wasn't lucid anymore, haha. also, sometimes once i wake up i really can't tell if i was really lucid dreaming, or dreaming i was lucid dreaming. if that makes sense. does that ever happen to you?