My Wife and Kids Prefer Me Too.

When ever I am home I am almost always the main cook.  I have a variety of cooking talents, but I can not pan fry to save my life.  It works well though because that is one of the areas my wife excells at.  But, there is an unspoken ban on my wife making baked goods if I'm around.  She has never had a batch of brownies come out right, and she always get so flusterered about it.  I honestly can not find what she does different, yet I put batter in the oven and later nice moist brownies come out. I have always been able to make an excellent dinner from low supplies and little time.  Everyone has their skills, some of mine just happens to fall in the kitchen.

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2 Responses Feb 6, 2009

It's always to see a man who can cook. My dad was the main cook in the house too. His cooking ALWAYS outdid my mom's. Even the simplest of dishes. :) Keep on cookin'!

You are fortunate to enjoy cooking and from what you say, very good at it. It's a talent that not everyone has. I can follow directions, but the food never quite comes out as well as my husband's cooking. He was in the NYFD and cooked away from home all the time while I was home serving sloppy joes to the kids when they were younger. Now that we're retired, he loves to do the shopping, keeping track of the groceries we have on hand and thats just fine with mr