Crow's Beak Breathing

This ability to curl one's tongue which I share with many others, is called crow's beak breathing when you inhale, drawing the air across it. It is a yoga "pranayama". It's also hereditary, I don't think one can MAKE it happen if it doesn't come naturally.
I can also wiggle my ears. LOL
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That is interesting.<br />
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I don't here of many people who have four wisdom teeth that actually come in correctly either. I am now 40 and have never had a problem with my wisdom teeth. They are straight as well (as are the rest of my teeth). Never had braces and I have only been to the dentist twice as an adult (can't find a dentist I trust with my teeth). The last dentist I went to about 12 years ago, was standing on the chair up over me bearing down on my teeth with a little pick trying to pole holes in my teeth. He seemed a bit agitated that I did not have more cavities and seemed intent on making cavities for me. LOL I never went back.

GM - would that whistling be Dixie? LOL<br />
Since you brought up wisdom teeth you may wish to read my 1st EP story explaining I was born with only TWO wisdom teeth, not 4, and that one NEVER came in [I'm 61] and the other was straight enough not to be pulled.

Oh yeah, I can also whistle through my rolled, extended tongue (U shape).

I can "wiggle" both ears very proficiently.<br />
<br />
I can roll, invert, whatever you want with my tongue.<br />
<br />
I have all four of my wisdom teeth and they have all come in correctly. I have never had a problem with them. I have never had a tooth pulled since my adult teeth came in ( I am 40).<br />
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The only thing I would say is "wrong" with me is I have flat feet and my hair is thinning. lol

pamster - no, I mean I only had two wisdom teeth that COULD come in...I've not had any removed and will never have more than 2. This is the hook that brought me to EP, my first story:<br />
<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

Your tongue is more talented than mine if you mean an inverted curl and certainly the clover.<br />
One ear wiggling just reflects how different people are. I have only TWO wisdome teeth, one of which never came in and the other was OK; there were never two more or will be.