In French, German, Spanish, Bahasa and Serbian I know most of the taboo words and phrases, but I love most of all to swear in Italian! Foul language sounds so lyrical and fluent in that language.

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What's the word F. U. C. K. In German? And what is "what the H. E. L. L." In german?

Haha, thanks.

K, xPickpocketx, here's a nice Italian rave, written phonetically:<br />
<br />
Tu a la fachay com la frenya di Mama ay la narza com lo catso di chichu!<br />
<br />
-meaning: You have a face like your mother's c*** and a nose like a donkey's ****.<br />
<br />
Use sparingly for best effect, and not within hearing of aged Italians! Enjoy.

Neato. Care to share some knowledge?