I Can Dance Salsa

I dance salsa the only problem now is i had done my second back surgery. Know my only problem is all the turns.

Why? Because I am a 6-4 guy and all my  friends they are 5-5 to 5-9 and i really got use to do the turns but now i am really screw. I am not gonna be able to dance anymore. Probably dance yeah but to do the turns NO! And just thinking about it get me so frustrated but what i can do. What i can do is thanks to God because i still able to walk and the pain i use to have is almost gone.

Verdejo Verdejo
36-40, M
1 Response Mar 14, 2010

I'm very sorry! Maybe you can switch to Cuban style salsa dancing... or just let your partner do most of the turns :-) Whatever you do, keep on dancing! :-) (Watch your back though)