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In my opinion, normal is having a family, friends and living a happy life. Growing up and going to college, not worrying about anything that can get in your way. But to me, Normal is attempting stupid mistakes and learning from them. It is moving from home to home. it is singing when i'm washing my clothes. It is making sure my brothers don't hurt themselves. So to another person that would be weird for a kid my age. But I have no regrets and i'm ok with being anything but normal
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What became "normal" for the second part of the 20th Century wasn't really common for before then. I think children grew up faster and had more responsibilities and more real worries and fears in earlier times. Your life and your subsequent outlook on life might not be the same as most other people now but you've made the best of it and I think you're doing well.

You know what there is no such thing as NORMAL in this world. Who is to say one mans normal isnt another mans strange lol. My life hasnt been the typical normal life. My father cheated on my mom with a teenage girl. I dont speak to my family as they seem to be ********. My last gf cheated on me with another guy in my bed in my house with me in the next room. To me all this is normal since this is all I know. My normal might not be someone elses cup of tea but it doesnt make my any less wrong either.

I totlly agree