Im Going To Make My Dad Proud!

Im going to start high school pretty soon and I promised myself I would stop being a trouble maker and start being a nerd. I messed up middle school because I never did my work but im going to follow my dad's advice. He would always tell me to stay in school and to not give up. I know he didn't specifically tell me to be a nerd but i just choose to be one. Those words are now stuck in my head forever because no one else has told me that besides him, not even my mom. Now that nobody tells me that, I will do as he says. My goal is to prove everybody wrong who doesn't believe in me. Im sort of nervous because if you mess up high school, you mess up your chances of going to a university or college. That messes up your future. I am willing to try my very best though to make him proud! He is my hero and I will work my butt off to graduate from high school!
ilOV3yOU ilOV3yOU
13-15, F
Jul 30, 2010