Pop Rocks ©

A couple of months ago I had a naughty conversation with a special guy on here and now I've decided to turn it into another fantasy story. It's about a girl, her tongue and Pop Rocks© :)

Boredom! There's no better word to describe what I saw when I looked at Mikkaels face. He wasn't even paying attention as he sat on the edge of the bed while I knelt between his legs, slowly kneading his limp manhood. It wasn't the first time I couldn't get him hard by giving him a hand job, but he never had looked bored before, giving me the impression that he wasn't even looking forward to all the wonderful things we would do to each other after his knob had come back from the dead. I let go off his precious piece and stood up. His eyes followed my sudden movement, soaking in my nude nubile body. Silence. "Pop Rocks!" Mikkael raised his head and was dumbfounded. "Follow me!" I was swinging my hips seductively as I headed towards the kitchen.
I ordered him to sit down on a chair when he finally arrived and threw a packet at him. "Pop Rocks? Why?" I grinned broadly as I was kneeling down in front of his lap, carefully biting the foreskin of his penis, slowly pulling it towards me. "I wanna try something new. You do know what Pop Rocks do, don't you?" I sucked the head but released it from my mouth quickly. "They pop and fizz in your mouth. Ohh... I see" I could see Mikkaels eyes widen, his breathing getting faster and his penis finally coming to live when he realized what I was about to do. I looked him deep into the eyes and opened my mouth. He tore open the package, and slid some of the Pop Rocks into my mouth. He could hear them popping and when I stuck out my tongue to show him the fizzy candy, his growing member first hit my chin and then the underside of my tongue which made me laugh heavily. "Easy there little fellow. I can see you are already happy. Are you sure we even need the Pop Rocks?" Mikkael frowned at me. "I'm just kidding. Hit me with that stuff!" He slid more of them into my gaping mouth and the next thing that followed was his hardening manhood. I envied Mikkael as I felt the little pops and explosions on my tongue, pressing it against the head of his penis, knowing he could feel them on a very sensitive part of his body. He wasn't just receiving an ordinary blow job, what he must have felt was a talented tongue launching an attack on his pleasure centres, causing little explosions and blasts along the way, sending signals to his brain that made him experience lust like he never did before. I didn't waste a bit, using my tongue to scratch Pop Rocks from my cheeks just to lick his lollipop with my trembling tongue the next second. It didn't take long and Mikkael was close to his ******, eagerly trying to pull his penis out of my mouth, but I kept it sealed around his shaft until the very last second, my tongue still teasing him mercilessly. When I finally let go of it, it slipped out with an audible *Pop* Satisfaction. There's no better word to describe what I saw when I looked at Mikkaels face ;)
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7 Responses May 10, 2012

After reading some on these responses, I can't believe no ones heard of this before. 2 words, missing out.

Oh dear. I've never even thought of that! And, even if it wasn't real, I'm sure the thought was just as exciting! :)

Mmmm, nice

Mmmm, thanks ;)

Not at all what I was expecting, but very well done. I too will never look at pop rocks the same way again. Now I've got to go get some!

Pop Rocks should pay me money! This story will increase their sells dramatically :D

your quite the saleswoman!

Innovative foreplay, gotta love it even though it's a fantasy. I just might be crazy enough to give it ago after my exams. Talk about sweetening up your sex life, eh? :P

If you really are going to do that, please tell me how I went ;)

I'm scared of you lol :)

You should be scared of any adult buying Pop Rocks ;)

True or not, that was an excellent story.

Thank you :)