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I always lick my lady to a minimum of 1 great ****** before the main event. It is usually 2-3 and sometimes even more if she can take it. I usally get my ears pulled at some point. Not because I'm doing a bad job but it is because I have her so worked up, she needs something more than a couple of fingers in her sweet *****. My favorite is to start with her on her stomach, slowly kiss my way down to that fine ***. I then devour all of it, caressing, squeezing and licking those round globes. I love to rub my lips across them. Working my way down to those sweet lips and softly teasing them with my tongue untill I feel her pushing back against my face and her hips begin to raise. As long as everything is fresh, I tease her back door with my tongue as well. When I have her scuirming, I flip her over and go to town. Long slow licks with my tongue spread flat up and down that sweet slit and ****. Then lick on that **** and give her the first ****** that way. Then slip in a finger followed by a second. After some licks on her love button and several finger plunges, The fingers tiurn over and up to hit that "G" spot while i lick. One toe curling ****** this way and then back off just a little as she is sensative now. If my ears are still intact at this point, I combine the fingers in that pink hole, tongue on the **** and a wet finger slowly worked into the back door. This gives her a very intense ****** and usually results in near suffocation of me but I love every second of it. Whew....I am hard now writing this and picturing it in my mind!
indy7up indy7up
46-50, M
3 Responses May 16, 2012

That was HOT!!! I wish my husband loved it as much as you do!!!

How could he not! Doesn't he know that you usually get as good as you give? Giving pleasure is contaigious in a loving relationship...or should be.

your desc<x>ription was so ******* hot. I love how you take your time while eating her. you sure know what you are doing, don't you. she is a lucky lady.

MMMM...Well if it's something you love (and it is for me) then you sure don't want to be in a hurry to stop.

Sounds like a great way to go. I think my wife will be pleasantly surprised. I've always loved to eat her, since she squirts when very excited, I don't stop until she squirts. I love to 69 her and take the shower as my reward for a job well done