So I Am Told

I used to work with this girl and I made it clear to her that I fancied her and was always thinking of her sexually. In another conversation I told her about my love of licking *****. Anyway, she left, I left and we didn't see each other for ages, although she would call from time to time. One evening she tells me that she's horny and as the conversation goes on she admits that she's *********** twice already and it hasn't helped. She told me that yes there were guys in her life and at least two had offered to 'help her out' but she didn't want the complications of ******* guys that were in her social circle or who she worked with. I immediately volunteered and she laughed and said no. But when I offered to come over and lick her ***** until she came on my face and then leave without any problems or complications... she hesitated. It took me a further five minutes to convince her to try me out. When I got there she was half-cut after a lot of vodka flavoured dutch-courage. It was perfect. She had showered and shaved and was in a silk robe. I decided to take control without becoming dominant, so I ******** off and knelt beside her bed. She came and sat beside me, more than a little nervously. I kissed her feet and gently worked my way up her legs kissing them. I then took one foot in my hand and massaged it while I kissed her knee and thigh. I worked her tired feet with my fingers and teased her thighs with my tongue as she leant back slowly relaxing. Eventually I lifted one of her feet on to the bed, opening her legs wide and then leant in to plant a soft, wet kiss on her shaven labia. Another time I might go into all of the details, but the point of the story was that I became her stress relief. She loved a foot massage before opening up to me. She loved a neck rub before cuming in my mouth. She loved a full back massage and a soft kiss on her exposed anus before covering my face with her honey. She loved to lean back on the edge of her bed as I knelt, so that she could watch me ********** as I licked her. She liked to talk to her friends on the phone while I 'worked'. Once she had a girls night in and had me come over and serve her while they waited in the living room. Afterwards she introduced me while I still had her *** shining on my face and then asked me to leave. I all stopped when she finally chose a new bf and he was less than willing to share. I still miss her.
Ming102102 Ming102102
51-55, M
Nov 30, 2012