Yes, I Can Drive A Semi

 For 17 years I drove a semi. Can't think of a trailer I haven't had behind my truck for one reason or another.

Wait, there is one or two. One was a Bull wagon and the other was swinging beef.

And as far as frieght goes, live cows etc and swinging beef is things I did not haul. Lots of Uncle Sam Stuff, even the stuff that goes BOOM!

 And many many more things.

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Nitehowl,<br />
after years of travel in the northeast, I have to say that I actually feel safer when traveling with a group of truckers.. I usually get at the back of the line and just follow .. I just go with the flow ... they make a good wind break and in deer season -- well, you know ... <br />
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Yes I understand, the dear thing too. They do end up road kill at times but what can you do. Oh ya, great legs.

Several factors come into play and the main one is to maintain your lane. When you haul explosives like I did, that becomes very important.

I've always wondered what a semi-truck driver does when a deer runs out in front of him. Obviously you probably don't swerve but , how dangerous is hitting a deer for the truck and driver ?

Depends, if the deer is jumping real high when contact is made it can be at windshield height. Then coming through the truck windshield. If they stay at their normal distance on the ground to their head it only gets a fender and head lights at times. I hit one going through the woods in North Dakota one year while I was hauling cruise missiles. It only took out my pogo stick clearance light on the fender. Broke the lens and not the bulb. Lucky that time minor damage.

my stepfather was a truck driver, he was so good at parking I was like wowwwwww he got skills O_O

I was asked by a co-driver once how I did that? (parking) My answer was, Weren't you just watching? That is how. And practice.

It can be the safest when you do it right.<br />
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By the way: filthydieseltech, nice avatar.

Gasoline was the safest job?

If there is a fuel truck and there is a problem with it then it is not as big of a bang as you might think.

Never hauled swinging beef or bulls. I've hauled everything else. For the last 10 years of my driving career, I drove a gasoline transport. That was the easiest and I think safest job I ever had.

I understand why you would say that.

You would think I started this but I didn't. I just happened to be there when it went off.

hello niteowl

Howdy driver!!!