My Trucking Career

started 30 years ago just loving to drive so I cross trained to streight trucks but I fell in love with semi-trailer trucks so I went and got my articulated licence

been driving ever since even in my dreams

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Thank you for your come back how have you been lately I am still looking indeed the problem I have is old and part of trucking the family don't want you gone for long plus the fact that being out there costs money plus paying for home and the like so your income has to exceed the out put of money also I was spoiled at 72K a year suggestion we talk on PM's instead it might be a bit faster for the both of us see you later

Yes yes right back at ya, I was wondering what happened to you haven't herd from you in a bit ?<br />
I've been fine hoping of a job driving again but still not yet thank you I hope you got good use of the prey r

bless you brimi and thank you much for that you are blessed indeed glad your my friend and a very good morning to you too!

Thank you it is nice to have a friend as you your in my prayers always

It was an issue indeed for you, I'm glad you had that protection back then, some drivers misuse the truck and most likely they idolize spaghetti westerns it is wrong and could be deadly makes me embarrassed to be a truck driver I drive tractor trailer<br />
Regardless of what I see up there I never use it against that person

I realize the problem it has happened to me I had a flat bed truck trying to bull doze me but I scooted out in time but being a driver myself he would have had hell to pay at some point <br />
I'm just glad for you and me it never got worse and for both of us it could have

bless you see you in life

bless you twice

Here you are Brimi<br />
A Truckers Prayer<br />
Dear GOD bless this truck I drive and help me keep someone alive<br />
Be my mortal sight this day on streets where little children play<br />
Bless my helper fast asleep when the night is long and deep<br />
and keep my cargo safe and sound<br />
Through the hours big and round<br />
make my judgment sound as steel and be my hands upon the wheel<br />
Bless this traveler going past and teach him not to go so fast <br />
Give me strenghth for every trip so I may care for what they ship<br />
and make me mindful every mile that life is just a little while<br />

I'll see what I can do with the prayer

Intresting on that book, I'll look into it for sure, but yeah 3 wide life was the most demesticated way a driver could approch the masses with a 1 story building with 18 wheels, yes contests lottery for right now however !<br />
on the truckers prayer I heard it a long time ago but I forgot, check the truck stops with the churches in it, they are a rig coverted for prayer if you don't see the parson they might have free pamflets inside sorry I couldn't help<br />
Tritt has it love ya Brimi talk to you latter<br />
<br />
P.S. truckers Prayer is titled (Truckers Prayr)

I believe we called it the gun fightrs syndrome and I spent the last 30 years fighting it there is always someone bigger better and faster Amen to you<br />
I live by Kane's rules Be carefull<br />
Be Kind<br />
Be Yourself

LOL back at ya talk to you again

glad I wound you up you whent through all gears like a pro lol nice talking to ya