Stick Shift Driver For Life!

I am lucky I ever had the opportunity to learn how to drive a stick. My Mother was the only one available to teach me how to drive and, at the time, all she had was a small, red, stick-shift Ford. At first, I hated it. Over time, I grew to love it. I used to drive her car to and from the Army recruiting station, where I had to go in for physical fitness three nights a week prior to Basic Training, for driving practice. Unfortunately, I was so used to driving a stick that when I went to take my driving test, I failed miserably because I used my friend's automatic vehicle. It just wasn't the same. Learning how to drive a stick paid off when I was in the Army, because I ended up driving some rickety, old Deuce-and-a-halves a lot! Most people tried to get out of driving these old vehicles, but I always volunteered. My current car is a stick, too. It's great.
AzaleaElise AzaleaElise
26-30, F
Jul 23, 2010