God I Hate Automatics, I Feel Like A Disabled Driver When I Drive Them

geez, i cant beleive how much i cant drive an automatic lol. i have driven more manuals than automatics and i realised that i can operate a manual more smoothly than a frickin auto. i been in the driver's seat of a few of my friend's cars and i have had more fund driving a manual car from the 90's than some ultramnodern snobbish bmw with an auto tranny. i started of driving auto for a few months and then i moved on to manual and since then i have never ever gone back to an auto because i feel i have more control of the car and its revving nature when it comes to driving manual, or stick shift if you are american. but i am heartbroken to see that so many new cars out there dont come with an option to go stick shift and i really hate it, because i hate autos. my reason for hating automatic cars comes from a recent experience with driving one. i own a really old saab that is a standard 5 speed shifter. all the pedals are cable operated so i feel i am constantly pressing on stiff and hard pedals, but thats the car's design. but the other day my dad made me drive his newish bmw and i was hesitating because its a bmw (if i crash it he will kill me) and also because its an auto. so i ended up being in the driver's seat and it just felt weird, the car felt too new and the pedals were all bloody soft and felt like i was stomping on feathers. so upon starting the car i was trying to find the fritcion point only to find that its automatically on its friction point so it moved very very slowly. then because i am used to slamming the pedal on my saab i did the same thing by habit on this car and it took off like a rocket, i got a nasty shock from that. it got worse too because my saab has brakes needing to be replaced so when i slow down in the saab i really have to push tha brake pedals very hard on it to stop, otherwise i will rear end some car in front of me. when i did that the car instantly stopped in the middle of a busy road and i was given the death stare of pedestrians and other motorists. arrggh this bmw is supposed to be luxury but it was hell for me. its a good car and all, but i prefer to get a bmw m3 with just a simple 5 speed shifter, if it possibly comes with that option. so driving automatic after driving manual for so long left me hating on autos lol. i just feel that automatics to everything for you and its just to easy that its too hard. i dont know if that makes sense but i just feel like a handicapped person driving one. i prefer to drive manual because they are actually not so hard to drive given you have the patience to get used to them. i am brainwashing the blonde girl at work to go manual instead of auto because it will open more doors for her if she plans to buy a car in the used car market. so anyways thats my rant on automatics and how i think they are too easy to drive. thank you.
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Grr, something like 95% of cars sold in the states are auto, and you can't get a decent car with one for the most part (unless you're buying luxury), only a ******** out base model. Of all companies, surprisingly, I must congratulate GM for it's few instances of recently making manual only vehicles (Cadillac CTS-V, Chevy Corvette Z-R1, Chevy Cobalt XFE (fuel economy model)). This when even the majority of Porsches are sold with automatics.

@Imzogelmo yeah it keeps you interested in driving doesnt it. and at least you dont fall asleep because the gear changing keeps you awake.

@moonraker hahahaha no wonder she seemed a little keen when i told her its good for her to get good with the shifter. maybe in a few years when she gets some experience we'll see if she has decided to lose the boyfriend.

Yes, I hate automatics now. I really enjoy accelerating and shifting through the gears.

I bet the blonde girl at work will prefer the manual, she can sit on it and let it vibrate, who needs a husband lol