Automatics Are Boring

I prefer a manual for many reasons, but the primary is that it gives me something to do while driving. In an auto car, I alway find myself stabbing at the floor trying to find the clutch. Also, they're more useful for wringing out every last bit of power, and are more reliable. Fuel economy is debateable these days, but in an older car the manual is definitely superior in that respect. Personally, the amusement of driving the manual means that I'd prefer it even if it were the inferior option; I'd just rather shift the gears myself. Driving an auto, you'll never get the feel of going flat out, feeling the car lurch and the tires chirp as you slam it into second.

As for learning, I liken it learning to ride a bike. It's a bit tough to figure out, but once you do, you don't forget it. Driving stick is a bit of an art, and every car is a bit different. Personally, I'd like to learn to drive an unsynchronized gearbox, and heel and toe downshifting.
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Automatic transmissions take too much power out of the motor to drive the torque converter. A manual transmission any day. I love the cruise control with so many speed traps around..

Yes, I completely agree: Automatics are so boring! I keep trying to convince my husband of this because my car is a stick and his is an automatic. He absolutely refuses to drive my car unless he has to. He insists that my next car will be an automatic, too, and I just won't allow that to happen. Stick driver for life! :)

i used to drive a manual. it was a little vw bug and it was tough to learn on-- but let me tell you, it was so fun and well worth it!

I wish my car HAD cruise control, lol. It keeps from speeding too much.

On a similar note, I can't use cruise control. I'm bored enough on the open road - I'm afraid my attention will wander and I'll have a wreck.

I prefer to drive a manual too. When climbing grades the modern automatics tend to shift back and forth between gears and I find it annoying. Give me the choice and I'm happy. <br />
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In most cases when I've had a weak or a dead battery all I need is a flat stretch of pavement and I can get my car started. <br />
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Non-syncronized transmissions are a pain in my opinion. I had a '63 F250 with a 4 speed. The engine speed has to match the transmission speed for the gear that you want or it will not shift into gear. That can be a problem if you need to get out of the way. Just my thoughts.<br />
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