The Only Way To Drive A Car

Stick shift is far superior and you get to feel like a freakin' race car driver. 

I learned how to drive in a manual car because my dad felt that everyone should have the ability to drive a stick. My oldest brother actually ended up teaching me. Which caused the first car I bought to be a manual of course. Any cars I buy in the future will also be a manual. Automatic cars are for ******* and for old people that can't shift properly anymore. 

Seriously, it's like you get to make love to your car every day. The power you feel when you shift gears is pure sex. 

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MoiraEthne MoiraEthne
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

You made my day :D

In Europe manual boxes are the norm. It's only on my first trip to the US that I've now had to learn to drive an automatic. Manuals are far superior. You have more control, use less fuel. Autos are ok for traffic but give me a manual any day.