A Wonderful Disappointment

When my daughter started her senior year of HS, I thought I was going to give her a wonderful gift of a Ford Mustang. I got a fire engine red, stick shift, for her. Why was she so disappointed with a red Mustang ? " Because I don't know how to drive a stick shift, dad. I learned in drivers ed in an automatic." That's when the expression No Good Deed Goes Unpunished came to mind. But, not to worry, within a few days she was driving her stick shift to school with a bunch of friends aboard. It also increased her popularity, which was another benefit.
So, to quote another saying, " All's well that ends well ".
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4 Responses May 25, 2012

Good one

My family's first car was a two-tone green 1953 Buick Eight, which I loved riding in until I got to high school and realized how uncool it was, lol. What a great present you gave your daughter! :)

It is a difference between USA and UK ,in UK 90% drive stick shift or geared as we say !0% drive Automatics.USA its the opposite.

I think it's a MPG thing.

I want a 60's type Comaro myself