Three On The Tree

My first vehicle was a 1966 Ford F250 pickup truck with a three-on-the-tree transmission. It was a lot of fun learning to drive stick on a truck like that. In those days they didn't have "automesh", so to downshift you had to get your RPMs at just the right rate or else there would be some gear grinding. One of the great things about that truck was that it had a soft clutch which made shifting pretty easy. My next truck was a 1994 Ranger with a 5 speed, and it is amazing how far transmissions evolved over those 28 years. My current car is an automatic, but I am definitely looking for a manual next time.
zincthink zincthink
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6 Responses Jan 10, 2013

You speak stick! Anyone worth their salt has to speak stick.

When you drive stick you're really driving!!! Automatic is just... steering. Lol

Me too! I drive a BMW 330 Ci 2002(:

I have a 318i, but it's automatic. My next car will be a manual for sure.

I don't know how to drive even on a motorbike, I also don't know any types or names of car but I think you really like driving and collecting car lol...

Yes, I enjoy driving. My car now has an automatic transmission, and I would like for my next one to have a manual. Shifting gears is fun.

I wish you will have such kind of car very soon. good luck!

My aunt has a MINI, and I love when she let's me drive it. I love the whole body involvement that driving stick requires.

I learned on a 1965 Ford Fairlane, also "three on the tree". I think I need to get a stick shift again some day, those where fun.