Seems Odd About The Us...

So, from my experience all of the world mainly drives 'stick shift' or as we call it 'manual transmission'. In fact we don't bother to distinguish it because it is by far the most common case.

We call the other cars 'automatics' - and owning one is somewhat shunned by car lovers - its not quite as bad as owning a Prius or a Smart... but its pretty far down there unless its a sports car.

I do own one, but I would rather have the manual in most cases...

1 ) most auto boxes are not amazingly good - even some of the ones in modern sports cars can be a bit dumb at times.
2 ) prestige, reputation etc.
3 ) much more expensive to maintain and repair
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I don't know why European car manufactures can't make reliable auto transmissions. In N America they are very reliable. Even in Canada the cold winters (down to -40) the still work very well. Manuals on the other hand, you can't shift gears at that temperature with foreign (Asian and European) cars.

P.S. I own a Volkswagen with manual transmission and have to keep it in a heated garage in the winter.

Japanese cars like Toyota and Honda are ok for me.

Had a Toyota with manual transmission In neutral it would stall engine in the winter when it was around -40 due to the thick transmission fluid.

I have a Honda A/T and I like it. But we don't have winter here so I can't relate ;-) Perhaps they suck in winters! IDK

i would always prefer to drive an automatic, 99% easier than manual.. besides. there are fuel efficient automatic transmission cars

Yes, all my autos are manual and just spent $1,800 us fixing it this last weekend. Smart cars are not cars, they are classified as motorcycles, thus getting around safety issues (in the US). I agree, car lovers wouldn't consider an automatic.