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It is something that has really gone away.  I think that driver ed cars should have a stick.  It needs to be taught, I think that it has the driver concentrate more on what to in the car than figure out what radio station to tune in.


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Thanks all for the comments.

And lest let us not forget.....You can have the car push started if your battery dies....heheheh<br />
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Stopping on a hill...Well you just keep the clutch engaged a bit...And then Slow release.....Once you get it down...It is a breeze...Me....I learned the same place that I learned to shoot....Uncle Sam....And now All I have is a stick

I was stopped on a hilly street and in a stick shift car with someone behind me...when the light turned green and I had to let off the brake, step on the clutch while shifting and then hit the gas without rolling into the person behind me...... IT WAS TERRIBLE..... I know it's a girl thing.... I don't care!! I HATED IT!

If you are driving on a highway, having a stick makes no difference. Once you get into the highest gear you are just cruising along and the road monotony stays the same either manual or automatic transmission. Also, once you master the stick shift, it becomes pretty automatic in most traffic situations, not thinking just moving along and all of a sudden you are in third gear with no idea of how you got there!<br />
The making you a more attentive driver with a stick is only true for newbies, after that driving is humdrum and if you are not prone to pay attention, then a stick shift will not change that either!

I love to drive a stick...wasn't crazy about it when I was sixteen and had no choice but to learn....Yep I agree when I switch from one to the other...I look for the clutch...or better yet forget to look for it...LOL...

Talked to a friend who is a semi-truck driver and he and I agree that it should be taught for the awareness on the road and of the vehicle.<br />
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The one draw back that I have had happen, is that you get so used to being in the stick car then when you go to the automatic your foot is looking for the clutch. ;-)

I think all drivers should be taught to drive a manual car!<br />
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There is so much more control on the road!<br />
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I think the 'nut ' behind the steering wheel is a big part of <br />
<br />
youth deaths!

None of my kids or their friends or my son or daughter in laws can borrow my truck and no one can steal it either!

LOL Nudeinva! I didn't think of that, you are quite right!! :-)

I like that kids today cannot drive stick shift because then they leave your car alone!