Start Out On Something With Power

I would recommend something like a Wrangler, Tracker, or Truck.  Hard to kill even on a hill.

I started out in a Honda Civic that you had to rev really high just to get going.

36-40, F
4 Responses Mar 13, 2009

we all drive stick shift down here. have had them for 30 years myself. an auto costs $1500 extra to buy. <br />
<br />
promised myself that the next one will be auto.<br />
<br />

I love it!

That is funny, because I tried to teach my daughter to drive a stick shift on my Wrangler and she could not get it. We tried it on a hill and she burned so much rubber that the skid marks are still there 10 years later. lol

My Civic got crazy gas mileage, my Wrangler got about 12MPG....