Learned Quick

I was 12 years old on a hunting trip in Wyoming with my dad and uncles.  I was hunting with my uncle when he fell walking a steep trail, twisting his knee really bad.  I helped him limp back to his truck.  We were about 30 miles from camp and my dad and other uncle were hunting in the other direction.  He climbed in and tried to use the clutch, I thought he was going to passout.  He told me I had to drive. 

To a 12 year old boy, this was a MONSTER TRUCK!! A Ford Crew cab, longbed, with huge tires.  My uncle had to jump up to get in his truck.  So here I am, trying to drive a monster truck, popping the clutch and spinning out killing the motor...with my uncle getting tossed around, causing him even more pain.  With a little coaching and some cuss words i've never heard before, i was able to get us going.  After a few miles I knew I could handle it and shifted gears...wrong gear!! my uncle flew forward hitting his knee on the dash..so I hit the gas..he flew back into the seat and I drove into the ditch...causing him to hit his knee again.  I never saw my uncle smoke before, but he pulled out my other uncles cigs and we sat there while he smoked 4 back to back, not saying a word. 

He coached me out of the ditch and we headed towards camp, He wouldn't let me shift gears!  When we got back, my dad and I took him to the hospital.  I will never forget the look on my uncles face when the doctor told him, that he probably didn't do much damage when he fell, but trying to walk on it and drive back probably caused the most damage.  Every year during our hunting trip my other uncle tells the story.  He still talks to me, but wont let me drive him anywhere.

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36-40, M
May 31, 2009