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Ok - you call it a stick shift.  If it isn't a stick shift, what do you call it?  A stick? 

All cars have "the stick" so I fail to see the American logic of calling it a stick shift. 

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Thanks Degenerate 1991. Life all makes sense to me again now...... I shall sleep soundly tonight.

We use stick shift and automatic, although, depending on the region, I've also hear of manuals referred to as standard shifts or straight shifts. Automatic is assumed by default; the type of transmission is only ever mentioned if it is a manual.

Up until the late 80s/early 90s, most automatic transmission American cars didn't have a stick in the middle of the floor (some still have column shifters); the shifter was on the steering column. Only manuals, for the most part, had the "stick".

Ok, ove rhere we use the terms "manual and automatic". You use stick shift and ?????<br />
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I know what a gear stick is - you still have to shift it into drive - hence my question. I just like asking awkward questions - I sort of do it for a living......