I love Jeeps. My dad drove one when we were little kids, and I just fell in love with them. When I finally got to buy a car, I bought a Jeep - and everyone knows that Jepps need to be stick, or they just aren't real Jeeps.

Learning to drive stick was a harrowing experience. My dad was in the front seat, screaming. My mom was in the back seat, screaming. They were both throughly convinced that I was going to hit the light post 150 yards away in an otherwise very large, very open,very empty parking lot.

After two hours, my dad finally said that we were going to have to get me a different vehicle because I would never learn to drive stick properly. I stalled out every time I tried to shift, I forgot to use the clutch. Of course, having two nearly hysterical people screaming in my ear did not help!

Finally, we went home, with Dad driving. I took the keys, and at night, alone, I learned to drive aroudn the block. It was a couple of weeks before I was brave enoguh to drive to work. I stalled out (? - I can't count that high) times on the way there. My boss was outside when I pulled up, and he immediately hopped in the Jeep and started giving me instructions. Within 30 minutes I was driving pretty well. All I needed was someone CALM to help me learn.


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i myself drive a black mistibushi warrior jeep. this is my fouth jeep although i did have an audi A6 for 6 months before i got my warrior, as far as im concerned i would never drive another car given the choice. i have no worries of stalling her as she is an automatic, a real lazy mans vehicle to drive. plus the safety that you have in them is far more than a car because i got hit by a lorry in my fontera jeep and she was rite of so for safety i would choose the jeep again. hope you have as much fun driveing you jeep as i do driving mine