Learned To Drive Using A Three On The Tree

When I first started to learn to drive, the vehicle I learned in was a 1950 Ford Pickup that had a manual tansmission.  The "three on the tree" style gear shift. Being raised on a farm, all of the vehicles that we had, had manual transmissions, so I had no choice as to what I learned to drive. I was barely tall enough to reach the pedals and see over the steering wheel at the same time, but never-the-less, I did learn.

I had never driven a vehicle with an automatic transmission until I took drivers education in high school.  I got laughed at by the instructor when I asked him where the clutch was.

I have driven everything from a 3-speed to an 18-wheeler with a 15 speed transmission.  So, I guess, "I Can Drive a Stick Shift".

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lea...learning to drive a stick shift was all that I had to learn on. It has served me well. There is nothing that I can't drive and I was up until just a few years ago a gasoline transport driver. I loved the job and the work, but my back didn't.. My back blew out and I had to have major back surgery so that ended my truck driving career.

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lololo I sure do we had this one bull who would stand right in front of the truck it was like he knew it would be awhile before I would find the right gear

Raindancer...I drove the Ford countless miles on the farm. Kids now days don't know the fun that we had learning to drive. I'll bet you, like me, can almost recall every time we stalled out when we first started learning how to drive.

when I learned to drive it was a stick shift first an old dodge truck we only used to go and feed the cattle

Marie & jonny...I would much prefer to drive a standard/manual. I did find out that the last time I bought a pickup/truck, that getting a standard/manual transmission actually costs more than an automatic. I don't know why.<br />
I still can drive either; and auto or a manual with no problem in the change over. And I can still drive the first vehicle in which I learned. I still own that vehicle.

cool, i wouldn't mind driving a column shifter, i wonder what it would feel like, my current car is a 4 on the floor, and it keeps me busy, i love driving manual because you have control on the speed of the car and more importantly acceleration. my dad said that he loved driving column shift but said if you started learning on an automatic and then you moved on to a 3 on the tree, he said it would be a nightmare, especially of you have never driven manual before.