Or the Reason I Loathe Girl Scouts

I have no self control when Caramel Delights or Thin Mints make their way mysteriously into my home.  If three boxes make it into the cupboard then within three days they are gone.  My grandmother with Alzheimer's gave me a great idea to offset this horrible lack of will power on my part.  She suggested that when the little Girl Scout comes knocking or I get attacked walking into Walmart to buy cookies I tell the kid that I will make a double donation to the Girl Scouts if she and her mom delivers those cookies to a rest home of their choice.  I figure that the Girl Scouts benefit because they are getting paid for 20 boxes of cookies.  The young lady benefits because she sees firsthand what our elderly are going through.  Finally the elderly benefit because they end up getting a visit from a young person and great cookies too.  MMMM it is good for all involved.

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good idea !!!!

There's only one thing better than eating a whole box of cookies, and that's when my girlfriend eats a whole box too and we give each other belly rubs. Feels so good and satisfying!


Beautiful idea! Great idea


sounds like perfect date food

LOL thin mints it is then. Taca Bell and Girl Scout cookies.

I have a terrible weakness for Thin Mints. I was heading into a grocery store one day with fifteen dollars to buy some dinner items for myself and my brothers while our parents were out of town. I bought three boxes of thin mints then went inside and bought a head of lettuce for dinner. My brothers weren't so happy with me because they are not nearly as in love with salad as I am and they were expecting something different for dinner. I couldn't help it, I had to buy the thin mints. I wake up in the middle of the night and eat them!

I feel so accepted now. I thought I was all alone and now I am surrounded by other EP cookie addicts.

Hey FG... guess which cookies I like the best. <br />
<br />
I too can sit and eat a whole box at once.

What a great idea! You can ease up on the guilt a little this year. Instead of raising the prices they have made the boxes smaller. :)


Oh yea--done that--Trefoils with ice cold milk---HEAVEN!