I Could.... But I Don't.

In fact, I know I can't resist them so I just stopped buying them altogether.  If they are in my possession, I MUST eat them!

With each cookie having an insane amount of fat and calories in them regardless of the flavor, it's just not worth the guilt that follows!

Creamsicle Creamsicle
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5 Responses Feb 28, 2009

lol, I should totally leave a whole crate of them in your kitchen :)

I love the Samoas best (or Caramel Delights, depending on where you're from)

My second best!!

We have that in common i could with no problem but i don't maybe two settings!! What is your favorite cookie mine is Thin Mints and i love to put them in the freezer love them cold and hard!!

Me too! My biggest weakness isn't enjoying sweets, it's not being able to put them down till they are gone. I know it's bad and that I should enjoy in moderation, but instead it's like, oh, these aren't on your diet, so hurry up and eat them all so you can get back to your diet...

hahah they are amazingly good and bad at the same time :P